Jean Franko Director,  Licensed Massage Therapist New York & Virginia   

Jean started her training at the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy NY,  where they have been training  and licensing therapists since 1967.   Jean has taught massage to beginners, helping to create  an accredited massage program in Virginia.  During that time , she taught hundreds of students.  Jean has over 18 years experience  working  in her field .  She is trained in many styles of massage and works with each client to form a customized session to meet their needs and  treat their stress and or pain.  She is a firm believer in a holistic approach to health using massage to optimize healing.

Clients say,    When musculoskeletal problems occur the body will try to adapt by changing movement patterns. This is done to decrease pain, but often results in muscular imbalance…resulting in altered range of motion. Surgery can take care of the original problem, but if these alterations are not reversed, the outcome can be less than optimal. Mrs. Franko is commonly a part of these efforts.  Jay  Hopkins,  MD  Retired Orthopedic Surgeon

At a matter of touch wholistic bodywork we focus on helping our clients to find balance and health.

We want you to thrive not just survive”

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