Services include an integrated approach to wellness treating the whole body and mind.  Each session is tailored specifically to you in order to help you toward your best health.  We are aware that people experience different types of pain. Some people need relaxation to support balance and others have more physical chronic pain management. We look forward to creating a plan to optimize your health.

Clients say, 

“I anticipated she would just provide me with a “routine massage” as I had received at other massage places.  However, she first spent time questioning me and assessing my injury… …The massage techniques were based on her assessment.. I remember walking out of the room standing straight vs to the side as I had become accustom to as the pain relief position for me.  After several “un-spa” like massages my injuries subsided…..I was skeptical about massage therapy, thinking it was for pampered “spa days” but I have found how “ A matter of Touch” can provide physical healing as well.

Paul Parks

We offer packages but never commit you to invasive monthly memberships.

We are committed to providing the best service to our clients. We   have an extensive  network of professionals we feel comfortable referring.  We will gladly share them with you if you need more that just a massage.  It is our intention  to provide true  wholistic healing within our community.

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Let us help you with your gift giving!

Gift certificates are available. They are boxed and wrapped and ready to gift to that special person.  We ship gift certificates upon request for a minimal cost to cover shipping.

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