I started to get massage because I suffer from stress and recurring neck problems. Thanks to Jean, I feel more relaxed. I really like the acupressure. Jean also uses many relaxation techniques. My experience has been great. I look forward to each appointment. Jean spends time before each massage discussing my health and stress and work issues. She has helped my chronic pain and stress and she is pleasant to work with.

L Johnson

When I came  to A matter of touch , I was not there for a relaxing massage and rejuvenating "spa experience" that many typically associate with receiving a massage. I was there because I am a very athletic 50 something that still tries to play like I am 25, I found myself with a painful debilitating  back injury do to overuse.  I wasn't  sure massage could help but I needed to get some relief and felt it was worth a try.  In my first meeting , I anticipated she would just provide me with a "routine massage" as I had received at other massage places.  However, she first spent time questioning me and assessing my injury . She explained how certain tight muscles could be effecting nerve responses to seeming unrelated areas.  The massage areas and techniques were based on her assessment and were focused  in appropriate areas to help offer me relief .  I remember after my first massage , walking out of the room standing straight vs to the side as I had become accustom to as the pain relief position for me. After several "un-spa" like sessions with , the discomfort of my injuries subsided. I appreciate her willingness to take the time every session to discuss and assess my condition so her treatment plan could be adjusted accordingly for the best results. I was skeptical about massage therapy , thinking it was for  pampered "spa days" but I have found how "A matter of touch" can provide physical healing as well. 

Paul Parks


A matter of touch holistic bodywork, has been an important part of my life.  I have depended on her knowledge and care to guide me through pre-operation fears with relaxing and supportive massage, and then to provide focused massage to help me recover with minimal scarring after my breast  cancer surgery.  Since then, she has provided massage to help reduce edema near the surgery site , and has offered regular massage to help with relaxation and stress management that helps to keep my life in balance.  Recently, I have enjoyed reflexology techniques which energize me while still reducing stress.  Massage is not a  luxur , it is a tool for healthy living.

Polly Cassady

Without my weekly massage, I don think I would be able to function!  Working for hours on end in front of the computer for many years has taken its toll on my poor neck and arms.  

E Coleman 

My wife, who is a physical therapist recommended A Matter of Touch. I initially began massage to cope with pain that resulted from an active lifestyle and physical labor. Massage gives me instant relief and I know it helps to maintain my body as well. I would definitely recommend a matter of touch. The environment is natural and real.

Tony Rini Four Seasons Landscape Lynchburg Va

I am a family medicine physician with thirty plus years of practice experience , including teaching residents and for the past eight years providing hospice care. As a clinician and teacher I understand the importance of professionalism and as a client I recognize its presence ( or absence).  Ms Franko has always been professional in her interactions, both the business aspect of her practice and the hands on aspect of her care.  She returns call and messages promptly, works to accommodate the difficulties in scheduling appointments for busy professionals and respects privacy of her clients. Jean Frankos's skills as a massage therapist are the best I have experienced.  Friends and colleagues often suggest  getting a massage as a special treat when traveling. I have done this just enough times to appreciate how skillful Ms. Franko is in her work. I have migraines headaches and have had  significant improvement in frequency and severity with regular massage from her.  She is excellent at finding and working with trouble spots that come from stress , computer overuse , and other triggers.  Many people can give a relaxing massage that feels good, one that is therapuetic  is harder to come by. There can be a fine line in working out a trouble spot and hurting someone.  Ms Franko navigates that line impeccably.  I can personally attest to her competence and have recommended her to family members and recently to patients.

Pat Pletke, MD Centra Hospice Medical,  Director

I have been asked to give recommendations or actually a testimonial concerning the massage therapy skills of Jean Franko.  This I can do happily and without reservations.  She is excellent at her profession and perhaps most noteworthy, she is an ongoing student of her craft.  This is reflected in that she has been  an instructor in her field at various times in career. She takes a medical approach to her work with a detailed knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy and pathology and individualizes treatment according to the clients needs. She maintains close contact with other practitioners in and out of the massage therapy field, striving to perfect skills. i am  a retired Orthopedic surgeon who specialized in sports medicine.  Despite being a surgeon,  i spent much of my time trying to avoid surgery.  I highly valued the skills of a number of allied health fields such as physical therapy,  massage pilates, chiropractic and occasionally acupuncture.  I found that with careful selection and ongoing communication,  I could often achieve a good result and avoid surgery.  Moreover, when surgery was necessary the same practitioners could often opitimize my results.  When musculoskeletal problem occurs, the body will try to adapt by changing movement patterns.  This is done to decrease pain, but often results in a muscular imbalance  - some strong,  some weak and  concomitant changes in the soft tissues resulting in altered range of motion.  Surgery can take care of the original problems, but if these alterations are not reversed, the outcome can be less than optimal. Mrs. Franko was commonly a part of these efforts.  

My wife and I have believed in the therapeutic value of regular massage therapy.  We spent a couple of years in the orient where we came to this conclusion. We have tried many therapists and found   Mrs.Franko to be at the top of the list.  We have had an on going   (weekly appointments) relationship and greatly value her skills.  My wife and I are in our 70's and accordingly have numerous musculosketal problems for which she has provided great service. My wife's and my needs are quite different and her approach to each of us is different. Perhaps, even more important, she is quite aware of the weaknesses and frailty that accompanies advancing age and adjusts her approach to each client. To me, that is the mark of a master practitioner.  

In summary,  Mrs. Franko is a master  of her craft and exemplary model for other therapists.     Jay Hopkins  MD 

I am a client of Jean Franko  and would not consider gong to anyone else.  Her professionalism is exemplary.  She interacts with her clients with integrity and compassion. Using an extensive knowledge base, she has an innate ability to combine traditional massage techniques with comlementary modalities in order to address her clients individual needs.  She does not use a "one size fits all" approach  but is able to use a myriad of tool to get the heart of an issue, formulate a plan. execute the plan and then reassess the effectiveness of her interventions.  She has the flexibility to formulate a different plan if needed.  She is a master of communication. She is a massage therapist as opposed to what i would call a massage "technician."  Many people can be trained to provide a technically well executed massage but it takes someone special to effectively combine a strong scientific  knowledge base with compassionate interpersonal relationship skills in order to create an optimum environment for healing,  Jean is that special person.  I am a family physician who has been on practice for over 20 years. I am very particular about folks to whom I refer my patients.  I have referred several of my patients to Jean.  She has provided an invaluable service to them on their road to health.  She has been and continues to be an integral part of my plan for self care.  I am indebted to her .  She is the "real deal".  

Rebecca B Young MD

I am a client of Jean Franko . Throughout the time I have worked with her , I have experienced her competence  , kindness and expertise on regular basis.  Through her work as a massage therapist, Jean Franko has supported me through hip surgery, an Achilles tendon rupture and surgery and assorted aches , pains and stressful situatutions.  As a former professional dancer and long time professor of Dance of Randolph College, not only have I benefited form Ms Franko's knowledge  and talent into area of massage therapy and related body therapies or modalalties, I recommend her to students who were experiencing  muscle fatigue and stress related to dance.  I have also recommended her to a cadre of professional dancers that I bring to the College through Helen McGhee Visting Artist Program in Dance. Many of these professionals have over the span of their careers worked with massage therapists in New York and around the country.  Many of these individuals have worked with world- renown dance companies and have experienced a variety of massage therapists.  Both my students  and guest instructors were impresses and pleased with Jean's personable and sensitive work.  I have long appreciated her willingness to accommodate my complex schedule, as well as that of my students  and guest instructors.  In addition, to these individuals who sought her out with dance-realated issues, I have also recommended her to others in the lynchburg community including runners, individuals who suffer back pain associated   with heavy-lifting , etc.  It has also been my pleasure to have invited Jean Franko to visit several classes at Randolph College.  She was a guest on several occasions in an anatomy class geared to dancers. She spoke knowledgeably and articulately to students about the field of massage therapy.  I highly recommend Jean Franko as a highly effective and ethical massage therapy practitioner.  

Pam Risenhoover Charles A Dana Professor of Dance Randolph College Helen Mc Gehee Visiting Artist Program in Dance, Director Randolph College  

I am the Director of Housing Services at Miriam's House, which is a non-profit dedicated to ending homelessness through the empowerment of woman and families.  We offer two housing programs designed to limit the length of time families experience homelessness and quickly return homeless families to the community.  Jean Franko at a Matter of Touch has a generously provided free massages to the homeless woman in our programs. Every client that we work with is provided Jean 's contact information and made aware that she is offering this resource to them free of charge.  Jean approached Miriam's House to make these services available as a tool of healing, self-care and stress relief for woman who have experienced the trauma of domestic violence, poverty and homelessness.  At Miriams House, we believe it is important to offer our client's a range of therapeutic resources and referrals, including the service provided by A Matter of Touch.  We are extremely grateful for the donation of time, talent and care that Jean has made over the years.  

Kristen Nolan , MSW  Director of Housing Services

Back in the year 2014 was a rough time for me and my children.  I left a seven year domestic violence situations with a newborn and one year old to walk the streets of lynchburg eventually going into transitional  housing called The Miriams House.  The Miriam's House really helped us to get back on track where we needed to be providing us shelter and mentoring among other blessings that people would  donate.  They have several donors and volunteers who help make being homeless a lot less stressful and embarrassing. When I arrived at house, I was extremely stressed out coming from a rundown dirty hole in wall emergency shelter for homeless people.  It was a very bad situation.  Seeing how I was in the next phrase of getting off the streets., it was apparent how much life had got me down.  Knowing my situation and how run down I felt I knew I needed a massage badly.  Not as a luxury but as a necessary.  Being stressed really puts a strain on your muscles.  i was not only in emotional pain but physical pain  too from walking around everywhere with two babies.  I had only hoped for a miracle for a massage that I could not afford.  One donor in particular decided to bless the residents with her gift of massage , Jean Franko.  I happen to spot the flyer for free massage and couldn't believe my eyes, I was thinking , "no way"!!!  Well it was true! I inquired about this too good to be true deal,  Jean was offering the residents free massage. That was one of the biggest blessings I will never forget during my time of homelessness.  I quickly scheduled an appointment and could not wait to get in t see her.  Once the day came for my appointment I was in on the best moods I  have been in since being in my situation.  I walked in and met Jean.  She was kind and soft spoken.  She also was very down to earth and calm.  I really needed to be in an environment with someone like that after what I have been through.  Shortly after  our meeting she showed me where she would be working on me.  it was a quiet whimsical little room.  She performed a 60 minute massage.  Throughout the massage she not only did bodywork on my muscles that ached heavily but she did what i call soul work too. She asked questions that made me really did deep into myself and we talked about things I really couldn't talk to anyone about.  Jean is a gifted soul, very deep rooted and grounded.  She has definitely found her inner peace and I can tell she loves to share it with others  helping them.  She surely helped me.  I continued to go back to her a few times after until my situation was better and I found housing .  Would highly recommend her as a massage therapist . After each session,  I felt refreshed , relieved and like a whole new person inside and out.  She is a wonderful human who does wonderful things for people and I hope anyone would consider having her as their therapist.  Anna Taylor